Las colinas del Cielo (Haiku en Español)

Las colinas son

Cerca al sol y verde

Con respiro …Aaay!


Technology, Technology!

It’s just amazing what we can do with technology nowadays!  I’ve taught more than 20 years and I still get so excited when I discover or learn something new to try in my class.  Last year I created a Google Classroom for my dual language kindergarten class.  It is an incredible tool to utilize for the listening and speaking component of acquiring a second language.  I have seen growth in the span of the year in my students language.  It is amazing!

This year I have included dictation with homework, and incorporated Google Classroom.  Weekly dictation goes home for practice with various activities to do at home.  Classroom practice is included also.  I discovered how to add recordings of the dictation using my iPhone’s voice memo.  I record myself reading the dictation for students and parents to access at home.  Reading, writing, listening and speaking all go hand in hand so we touch on all these important skills with this practice.

I’m excited to see the end result in my students language acquisition with this practice, and will keep you posted.  I’m hoping to develop data to show growth with this practice.  Wish me luck! 😉

If you have ideas or practices of how you help students’ second language acquisition, please share here and maybe we can begin a dialogue for language teachers!  Have a wonderful 2018!



Listen to the Morning

It is beautiful when you stop and listen.

The leaves swaying with the wind

The calm in the air.

The birds and sea gulls

Singing in unison a song of summer.

Looking at the sky, it is clear

what is below.

The great divide between

us and our Master!

How beautiful the sound.


Alex the T-Rex

My inspiration was Maurice Sendak’s WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE! Dedicated to my boy because he was a wild thing!  He really did act like a T-Rex!! He loved dinosaurs.  ❤ He’s a genius as a young man now! 😉💜 How I miss those days!

From my personal blog.  Teachers DO have other lives outside of the classroom! I know, it’s hard to believe. ;


Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Goes Alex the T-Rex!  “He goes like this, Mom!”  As little Alex roars  with his little hands clutched to his side to make for the T-Rex’s little hands.  “Rrrrroooaaar!” says Alex the T-Rex.  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Alex stomps his way into and out the kitchen where his Mom is cooking dinner.  Right before our eyes, Alex T-Rex’s  habitat slowly begins to get very dark, wet and muggy.

He stomps to the swamp to tease the little stegosaurus at the lake!  “Rrrroaarr!”  He goes with his horrible sound!  “It’s my turn for water, stegosaurus!  I’m the king of the jungle, out of the way!”  Stegosaurus steps aside to let him take his drink because he knows that Alex T-Rex IS the king.  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  He stomps to the tallest tree in the jungle and sees the Brontasaurus taking a bite of leaves.  “Give me those leaves, Brontosaurus!  I’m the king of the jungle, out of the way!”  Brontosaurus offers his branch to Alex T-Rex because he knows he truly is the king.

Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  He makes his way into a large, cold cave at the side of the mountain.  Inside veloceraptor is sleeping on her soft nest of leaves that she picked the day before.  “Move over and let me rest, veloceraptor!  I’m the king of the jungle, out of the way!”  Veloceraptor gives up her nest because she knows Alex T-Rex is the king.

Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  The vines begin to vanish, the trees begin to shrivel.  The daylight begins to fade into darkness.  Alex T-Rex stomps into his Mom’s kitchen.  ”Give me some chocolate milk!  I’m the king of the jungle, out of my way!”  His Mama sweeps him off the floor, and says, “I’m the queen of this kitchen, little man!  Put those claws up and stomp yourself to bed!” as she sweeps him from the floor and gives him a hug and kiss.  “You are the king of my world, little man!”  Mom stomps the little T-Rex to bed.  “Good nite, little man. I love you”, she says.  “Good nite, Mom, I love you too”, says Alex.

Alex lays in his bed, stares into the starry night outside his bedroom window.  Stomp, stomp, stomping… in his dreams! Ssssshhh!

Inspired by Maurice Sendak’s WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE

We Are Incredible!

Yes we are, all teachers!! 😄 Back to school is well on its way in Texas. Teachers return next week. My heart is content to say I’ve started! 😄 I was here…

…to my Teacher’s spot, here…

I try and keep things the kids make me, cards, and they go on my teacher’s corner. I have more, but that’s enough. 😊 I keep important things and schedules at eyes-view because I will need to see something quick. 

My student work bulletin board changed. I love the Hulk idea but made this below instead. 

I found some adoreable clothes pins with little chalkboards on them to write names. 

Super excited to get started! Wishing everyone a great start of year! 

New Beginnings



I love this quote. It’s so perfect for me right now. This year I’ll be venturing into Dual Language Kindergarten, new school, new district– I’m excited!  It’s that time in the summer to begin planning, arranging, cleaning out boxes, restocking on name badges and birthday certificates! Also shopping for this years theme. The theme at my new campus will be superheroes. This is what I have in mind:

I think I’d say, “We are incredible!  Somos increibles!” 😉😉

A Day in July

This July has been somewhat surreal compared to other Julys.  These days past we would be planning summer trips to Florida or California with images of Mickey and the Golden Gate Bridge in our heads. But today there is a sense of uneasiness with incidents of senseless violence in Orlando, now Dallas that is still echoing in my ears. 

As I reminisce about my classroom, I wonder what do we tell the kids? Nothing. We do what we’ve been doing for decades in this profession and something much better, we give them our heart, our ears, our prayers. We show them what peace is in our classrooms with the love of reading, writing and rationalizing. We read stories of kindness and friendship, teach them about rules, consequences and sweet rewards. We remind them that saying “I’m sorry”, “I’ll do better next time”, and “I won’t quit” is always better then giving up or getting angry and holding resentment. 

I mourn for those who lost their lives this summer. But we as a society can definitely do something to plant seeds of kindness and courtesy in our children, students and community. Images of Mickey are more proper to the little lives in our town then images of mothers crying. Never give up on the children. They are the future.

What has happened?