Las colinas del Cielo (Haiku en Español)

Las colinas son

Cerca al sol y verde

Con respiro …Aaay!


We Are Incredible!

Yes we are, all teachers!! 😄 Back to school is well on its way in Texas. Teachers return next week. My heart is content to say I’ve started! 😄 I was here…

…to my Teacher’s spot, here…

I try and keep things the kids make me, cards, and they go on my teacher’s corner. I have more, but that’s enough. 😊 I keep important things and schedules at eyes-view because I will need to see something quick. 

My student work bulletin board changed. I love the Hulk idea but made this below instead. 

I found some adoreable clothes pins with little chalkboards on them to write names. 

Super excited to get started! Wishing everyone a great start of year! 

What To Do, Summer Things

Still in the classroom…

That time of the year is here where there is rustle and bustle to finish up report cards, pack up teacher things, keep kids engaged…Still! All in a years work of teaching! Bittersweet feelings of not seeing these kiddos next year in my class.  They will be off to second grade! Watch out 2nd grade!

Beginning to think of summer things too. Planning trips for June, July and August. Finding sun screen, summer reading, and cool shades! 😎 Summer sports for my kids with basketball and volleyball! Look forward to that and spending time with friends– the kids and our own.

What to do! So much to think about, so much on this teacher’s mind. That time of the year, whirlwind of such.

End of the year excitement.

Being uncomfortable

Rock Paper Glacier!


I heard someone say yesterday, “If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not learning”.  Only by branching out beyond your normal understanding and comfort level can you grow as a person and expand your mind to the possibilities of this world.  I think back on times that I have been uncomfortable in school.  These moments gave me perspective, put holes in my safe, little bubble, and opened my field of view.  So I say GO FOR IT!!  Learn new things, explore, have new conversations, be OK with being uncomfortable because that is part of growth.

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Encouraging Imagination.



“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

There were no little girls in our house until our granddaughter came along but there was a little girl living here before we bought this house nearly thirty years ago.
Her cubby house sat in our backyard for many years before the elements crumbled it away.
When we first moved in, the little girls who lived a little further up our street would ask if it was OK for them to continue to play in the cubby house. The cubby had lots of little girl stuff still in it including a small oven. They would play in there for hours and I could hear their little voices acting out various grown up scenarios.
My sons, who were quite young, were fascinated by the comings and goings.
Eventually the little girls stopped visiting, though I’m not sure why. I guess they got shy…

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It’s Finally Coming Together

Love these ideas! I also have a teacher’s corner but with school business. I’d like a personal spot too! 🙂

Paper Clips & Pearls

….my classroom, that is. There are still many, many things that need to be done before school starts, however, if the students were to walk in tomorrow, we could have class!

Moving to a new grade level is a very exciting thing & moving to a new classroom is also exciting! I spent several days in June moving my personal items into the new room and setting up shop. I also spent several days going through all of this “first grade stuff” because it is all very different from “fifth grade stuff”. I finally know what is in my classroom and where its place is in the room.

Many teachers (thanks to Pinterest) have a theme/color scheme for their classroom or learning environment. Last year, as a first year teacher, my “theme” was surviving the year with what I had. I’m not joking! My colors were a smorgasbord of rainbow…

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