Listen to the Morning

It is beautiful when you stop and listen.

The leaves swaying with the wind

The calm in the air.

The birds and sea gulls

Singing in unison a song of summer.

Looking at the sky, it is clear

what is below.

The great divide between

us and our Master!

How beautiful the sound.





What To Do, Summer Things

Still in the classroom…

That time of the year is here where there is rustle and bustle to finish up report cards, pack up teacher things, keep kids engaged…Still! All in a years work of teaching! Bittersweet feelings of not seeing these kiddos next year in my class. Β They will be off to second grade! Watch out 2nd grade!

Beginning to think of summer things too. Planning trips for June, July and August. Finding sun screen, summer reading, and cool shades! 😎 Summer sports for my kids with basketball and volleyball! Look forward to that and spending time with friends– the kids and our own.

What to do! So much to think about, so much on this teacher’s mind. That time of the year, whirlwind of such.

End of the year excitement.

Summer So Far

It is summer break. Here is a little snip of our break so far. We have had a little baseball, softball, beach time, 4th of July and a NBA Championship for our San Antonio Spurs! Amazing! It is not over yet! I am hoping you are having a great time with your family. We will be making a trip to the west coast in about a week. The whole family is excited! It will be a first for us. I will be checking in! Thanks for stopping by!

Almost time…

Disney Quest

It is a little hard to believe that summer is going along. We had a blast at Disney World by the way! We are in mid July. I usually like to begin to plan and “think” about school in August when workshops begin for my district. However, I am seeing some wonderful posts by some educators that I will begin to repost here!

In the meantime, I will still wollow in my “summertime” frenzy because I’m not quite ready yet! …Well, a little! πŸ˜‰