My room

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by! I am a mother, wife, and teacher which keeps me very busy. I am certified early childhood, bilingual and general education.  I have 19 years teaching experience predominantly in kinder. I have taught k, 1st and 3rd.  I have created this blog in hopes to meet other educators and share new ideas.  I have discovered excellent ideas from Pinterest and were springboards for creative change in my class. I am thankful to those teachers for sharing their ideas online.  I will post activities and “goings on” that I have used throughout the years in hopes you can find something that will help you and your class.  Some are Pinterest ideas, some self-created, and others are “borrowed” ideas with modifications to fit my students needs.  We are all PROS at that!   I am glad and happy you are here!

I hope you enjoy your visit. Relax, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy!  Have a great day!

Mrs. Ramirez


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