Traveling Journal: Walking New Orleans

Day 2!

Life is a Beach!

Day 2

As soon as we drove in we immediately jumped on a trolley to take us sight seeing. They were pretty noisey but it took us where we needed to go.

We wanted to see Bourbon Street and French Quarter, that’s exactly what we saw. There were musicians scattered out on the street too, NO-style. We walked around and captured the beautiful architecture of these buildings!

Most are French and Spanish influences. They dominated the area the 19th century. Interesting fact, “New Orleans was founded in Spring of 1718 by the French as La Nouvelle-Orleans. The French intended New Orleans to be an important colonial city.”(1)

The styles above are the American and Creole Townhouses which have Spanish influences in the architectural detail. (2) Just gorgeous!

The French Quarter has all different styles of cottages, just gorgeous! We did a lot of walking but the weather was amazing


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Traveling Journal: We Are Not In Texas Anymore

Day 1:

I love this ride to Louisiana! What gets my attention the most are the trees! It just amazes me seeing the difference going from one state to the next. If you drive south from San Antonio it’s pretty dry and brown. I’ve made that trip many times to the Valley. But going north it’s a different story.

We hung out at Lake Charles for the night and now heading to New Orleans. I’ve been wanting to make the trip during Spring Break for awhile now. Glad we finally can this year. We are probably going to see the ruins of Mardi Gras. I’ve been warned by friends. We will see.

While I’ve made the trip several times, I’ve gotten an interest in learning different regions, cultures, histories, and geography. I just love it! It’s all on a long bucket list.

What An Amazing and Wild Week…But I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way!

Have you had one…or two of those? One of those times when you pull your hair out, tears in your eyes, think “how am I going to live through this?”, laugh hysterically, fall asleep on the sofa before dinner, and at the end of the day– LOVE IT! Sounds CRAZY! How could you not with Dr. Seuss, reading picnic, Mardi Gras dancing, and reports!

So is the life of a teacher.  I don’t want to put ALL teachers in these terms because we are all different. Different personalities, ideas, plans, and motivations makes us a huge bowl of diversity and beauty! We do it all for our students and families. I’ve done this so long, I’m become particularly numb to the “creative” chaos, and work best when under pressure…but again that’s just me. Finding balance has always been a challenge. A challenge because I completely and totally immerse myself in projects, plans, ideas which I run with, and jobs– that leaves little room for anything else at that time. Could that be what they call “passion”? In my terms –absolutely! It can be a headache for those close to me but I thrive in those moments. That’s when I do my best work! So let me say, when I demand downtime, I mean it! It has to happen. So breaks are great! Spring Break is upon me, and my family and I are going to “dive into” an adventure to New Orleans. I’ll try and post about it here. 😉

To all teachers out there, enjoy your Spring Break! If you are still waiting for it, hang in there! It will come!!


Possibilities are endless!

Hi! My name is Teacher Crizelda

Who would’ve ever thought teaching FROM home was possible!  It’s incredible and I am having a blast doing it.  Yip, I’m on another journey! Seems to be my thing these days. I’ve joined the international teaching community of VIPKID! It is amazing! VIPKid is a community of teachers teaching English to Chinese students over the internet…in China! As a teacher of over 20 years, this platform of learning language is BIG. In my opinion VIPKid is onto something spectacular here, and I’m glad I’m part of it. I think it is a perfect match for me right now because I love learning new things, and seeking out opportunities to do so.

I’d love to share one of my stories. Since I’ve started VIPKid, I have got a good handful of regular students who are booking me as their regular teacher. One little boy, Roy (I’ll say), who is 5 years old comes to class excited and full of energy every time. When I go into the virtual classroom about 10 minutes before class time, he is already waiting for me. They can see when the teacher is in class but no visuals until class time begins. He begins to sing my name, “CRIZELDA, CRIZELDA, CRIIIZELDA! HELLO!” I mistakenly had my microphone one, and I giggled! He started to laugh and said something to Mom who is there with him most of the time. When class started, I told him I heard him saying my name. “You said my name very good, Roy!” I said with a big smile and thumbs up. He just laughed and jumped up and down. I will always love the littles!

This just continues to remind me that teaching is my passion. It seems to gravitate to me with everything that I look into or explore. Yes, even if it is lip color, nail color, makeup, bible class…it is who I am. Even this blog has enabled me to share, encourage, motivate in some way. I thank God for it all!

I have provided a link below with more information on VIPKid! Contact me with any questions. I also have a public Facebook page, @WildforTeaching where I share what’s going on in class! —–>Join me

Have a great President’s Day!

Technology, Technology!

It’s just amazing what we can do with technology nowadays!  I’ve taught more than 20 years and I still get so excited when I discover or learn something new to try in my class.  Last year I created a Google Classroom for my dual language kindergarten class.  It is an incredible tool to utilize for the listening and speaking component of acquiring a second language.  I have seen growth in the span of the year in my students language.  It is amazing!

This year I have included dictation with homework, and incorporated Google Classroom.  Weekly dictation goes home for practice with various activities to do at home.  Classroom practice is included also.  I discovered how to add recordings of the dictation using my iPhone’s voice memo.  I record myself reading the dictation for students and parents to access at home.  Reading, writing, listening and speaking all go hand in hand so we touch on all these important skills with this practice.

I’m excited to see the end result in my students language acquisition with this practice, and will keep you posted.  I’m hoping to develop data to show growth with this practice.  Wish me luck! 😉

If you have ideas or practices of how you help students’ second language acquisition, please share here and maybe we can begin a dialogue for language teachers!  Have a wonderful 2018!



Listen to the Morning

It is beautiful when you stop and listen.

The leaves swaying with the wind

The calm in the air.

The birds and sea gulls

Singing in unison a song of summer.

Looking at the sky, it is clear

what is below.

The great divide between

us and our Master!

How beautiful the sound.